"Min view duration" setting.

        If the duration of your video is longer then 5 minutes and you want to get guaranteed views of the desired duration, then specify this value in the "Min view duration" setting. The number of points for each received view will be displayed to the right of the input field.

        The duration of each view of your video by other KruTube instances depends on the following factors::

1. The minimum guaranteed duration of the view set on the server. Now it is 5 minutes. Any your video will be guaranteed shown not less than this duration. If the other member had stopped watching before (for example, closed the KruTube app), the view does not count and the points will not be charged for it from your balance. Occasionally (not more than once a month) we can change it a little by technical reasons.

2. Length of the common videos queue on the server. When the rotation forming algorithm on our server "understand" that the common queue of video for delivery has decreased enough, it increases the duration of the view of long videos to the maximum possible value.

        Why should you strive to increase the viewing time? To get a good audience retention. If viewers watch the video to the end, YouTube "thinks" that it is interesting to people and can increase its rating in the search results.